Our Farmhouse Project

(Originally Posted December of 2016)

We moved. Yes, we moved in August to a lovely little town 10 minutes from Bentonville and Rogers where we were able to purchase a little farmhouse on an acre with a large shop for a great price. That house needs a little TLC and so begins my NEW series of posts on remodeling. The first week we moved in to the house we had the entire foundation re-built so the house is completely level and there are no more settling issues. Our entire family lived upstairs for a week in 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom while the floor was torn up and replaced. This is what the living room looked like before we moved in…House2  While the floor was being worked on, we decided to tear the boards down from the fireplace, assuming there was sheetrock behind the wood paneling, but being very surprised to find this original rock underneath. We loved it so much we decided to spend the money to save it…FIreplace2You can see once the wood was all removed there was some damaged and missing stones in the fireplace. We hired a local stone mason to come in and remove and replace the broken stones as well as make it structurally sound…  fireplace4fireplace3fireplaceThe reconstruction was a success and we have been VERY happy with the finished product. We had the repairman seal of the fireplace and have plans to put in clean-burning gas logs very soon. We still have some work to be done, but the great room in our little Farmhouse is slowly coming together…house 3We saved the stones that were removed and built ourselves a nice little firepit in the backyard…  fire ring

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