Make Your Own Lavender Bath Salts DIY Project

Lavender Bath Salts is a product that is super easy to make, its safe to use, and works great for a lovely and relaxing bath just before bedtime.  When purchasing essential oils, You want to make sure you get a high quality essential oil that is therapeutic or food grade. Don’t purchase from big box stores or big, online websites (like the kind that start with A and E… HA)  If you want to get the brand I like, contact me or click HERE.


  • Epsom Salt: Purchase pure Epsom salt from pretty much anywhere in the health or first aid section. Make sure it is PURE Epsom salt and has NO additional Ingredients.
  • Lavender Buds: You can purchase good, quality Lavender buds from HERE. or pick them up at your local health food store.  (optional)
  • Pure Lavender Essential Oil: I get mine from Young Living. You can purchase at this link HERE. Make sure its a GOOD, High Quality Essential Oil from a reliable source.
  • Container of your choice.


INSTRUCTIONS: Put a cup of Epsom Salt into a bowl. Mix in 1 TBSP of dried Lavender Buds (optional). Then add 12 Drops of pure Lavender Essential Oil. Mix Well then add to a container of your choice and decorate as needed. This will make approximately 8oz of bath salts.



Author: hcarter1992

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