Getting started on Whole 30 Eating Plan

(Originally poster Sept. 2017) Today was my 5th day of sticking to the whole30 meal plan. If you want to know more about this, you can click HERE. This meal plan eliminates all sugar, processed food, bread, sweeteners, and more. You focus on eating foods in their most natural state. I like to focus more on what I CAN eat than what I can’t. Meat and veggies are the main choices. Anyway, the first 3 days were tough. I have been traveling for work and so I have eaten out for every meal. What I have discovered is that there are healthy options if you look for them and request changes on some meals no matter which restaurant you visit. Yesterday, Day 4, was my hardest day. I know my body was in major detox mode, I felt sick, had a headache, was very sluggish, and just struggled focusing. The first couple of days, I was CRAAA.NK.Y! On those days it might be best to avoid people in general. But today I woke up and I felt great! I can already feel some of the positive changes my body is going through. A few tips I would give when starting out…

1. Drink lots of water, more than you normally do.

2. Have healthy, plan-approved snacks available. The transition process sucks your energy and I was starving by the time my meals came around. I think your body adjusts from burning carbs for fuel. Someone mentioned that to me and I realized that it seems to be true.

3. Allow yourself plenty of sleep and rest. You will need it while your body is adjusting.

Another thing I have noticed is actually tasting and enjoying the flavor of food. We get so addicted to sugar That I think we miss out on what foods in their more natural state really tastes like. I bought several different packs of loose tea from the local tea store. Brewing a fresh cup of tea in the evenings has become my routine instead of craving sweets. I am actually enjoying discovering the flavors of the tea itself, minus the sweetener.

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