DIY: Make your Own Laundry Soap and save $$$$$

If you are not, you should be making your own laundry soap. It is super easy and will save you money. I have been doing this for years and it used to be that the ingredients were hard to find, but not so much anymore. You can walk into just about any big blue box store, go to the laundry aisle, look down at the bottom and these ingredients are usually right there all together.


LAUNDRY SOAP BAR: I use Fels Naptha

ESSENTIAL OIL: You can use any essential oil you like. The citrus oils are always good, especially Lemon. You can even do like a cinnamon or clove for germ killing or mix them all together. AN orange-cinnamon smells great too. I use a blend called Purification that is an odor-killer and includes Citronella, Tea Tree oil, Lavender, and Myrtle.


  1. Break apart the 6 soap bars and grate them with a cheese grater or the easier way is to drop them into your food processor or blender. They need to be tiny pieces to mix with the powders.
  2. In a Large bowl or container Mix together the entire 2 boxes of Washing Powders, the mule Team Borax and the Arm and Hammer.
  3. Add in the ground down pieces of the soap bars. Mix well
  4. Add in 30 drops of your essential oil of choice
  5. Mix even more

Store in a container and use 2 Tablespoons of the mixture for each load of laundry. This makes quite a bit and will last awhile. If you use essential oils, specifically citrus oils, you want to store it in a glass or metal container.


Author: hcarter1992

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