A Renewing of The Mind

(originally written March of 2010) I knew that our trip to California would have some sort of spiritual significance, because every trip Jeff and I have ever taken has had some sort of spiritual revelation attached to it big or small. However, I did not know that it would be so personal to me or what God wants to use me for. He is showing me things even now as we zoom down the hill from Fayetteville to Fort Smith to go home after a week in Los Angeles for what I thought was really more of just a family vacation, but has become so much more.

I am generally fearful of new things and a bit lazy. I have spent my life this way and although God has grown me up by leaps and bounds, these human tendencies are hanging on to me like burs that used to stick to my socks on Grannie’s farm when I was 10. (you southerners know what I mean…a stroll through the tall grass and you’ll have 30 or so)  Those burs don’t really hurt so much when they are sticking to your socks, but when you try to pull them off they PRICK you! That is how things sometimes work in our lives when we try to get rid of junk  from our hearts and minds that we don’t need.

There are gifts and abilities God has given me that I can do easily without asking for God’s help. These are things that were a challenge once upon a time. They are things that I couldn’t do without His help. But now with practice, these talents have become easy to me, I can do many things in my own strength…but I DON’T WANT TO! I don’ t want to be in a place where the things I do everyday are easy and I get in a rut of pride and laziness…so what to do?

We should always be stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone, no matter how painful it may be.  Don’t settle for comfort above everything else! How do we do that? By being reading the Bible, praying, renewing our minds to new opportunities and truths that God wants to teach us. Keep your eyes opened for new things that may be coming your way. We are never too old or too “far gone.” There is alwaysa chance to be redeemed and to explore new opportunities.

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